Assessment Schemes

Construction products or small assemblies are normally best covered by the versatile SCI Assessed scheme. Complete residential building systems (e.g. light steel framing or modular systems) may be better served the SCI/NHBC scheme. For products intended for the European market, CE marking is likely to be the most appropriate scheme. The table below outlines different assessment schemes and their key features.

Summary of SCI Assessment services
SCI Assessed Products
SCI Assessed
  • All sectors of construction
  • For products and product assemblies; technical data and design tools
  • Flexible scope tailored to client needs
  • Technical performance assessment and derivation
  • Applicable internationally

SCI/NHBC System Certification
SCI/NHBC System Certification
  • Residential sector only
  • Applicable in UK
  • Light steel framing systems
  • Walls and floors only
  • Compliance with NHBC Standards Chapter 6.10

CE marking
CE Marking
  • Compulsory in all EU member states from 2013 for all construction products for which there is an applicable Harmonised Standard (hEN)